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My little shop opened like so many others who start their own business.  I was pregnant with my daughter, Bailey, in 1999 and discovered maternity clothing left a lot to be desired.  After her birth I decided I wanted to do something about the fashion shortage of maternity clothing in Springfield and found several great designers who knew what fashion minded women want.  Over the past 8 years a few dozen designers have emerged for the small business market giving fashionistas the best selection of clothing possible.  My second child, Cooper, was born in 2003 and I got to find out first hand how fantastic these designers are.  I was actually sad to give up my maternity clothes.  Can you or your friends say that.  In 2004, I decided to venture into the online world to share my passion for shopping with as many women as possible.  Think of our store as your hometown maternity boutique, just a mouse click away. 


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Cassandra Jones
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