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Designer Diaper Bag Backpack


Azalea Diaper Bag
by Amy Michelle

This diaper bag has two sections one for mom and one for baby.
For Baby:
*washable changing pad
*internal and external bottle pockets
*compartments for diapers, wipes, formula
*removable wet bag
*zip-down changing station
For Mom:
*cell phone pocket on front
*key ring
*shoulder straps that convert to backpack
*looks like a normal handbag but much more

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This is a really cool diaper bag, with more pockets and openings that actually serve a purpose.  A mom designed this bag to work for other moms.  You will not be disappointed in this diaper bag.

Black with Green Lining Black with green lining
Chocolate with Periwinkle Lining Brown with periwinkle lining.

Attaches To Stroller

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