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Below are some of the most common questions asked in my shop, I hope this helps.  If you have any further questions please
feel free to call 866.297.9823 or
email me.

Why should I buy maternity clothing?  Well, maternity clothing is made to fit a pregnant belly through a 23-35 pound weight gain. It is
designed to fit correctly through the shoulders, ribs, hips, thighs all of the places that don't grow (well too much hopefully) but give you
plenty of room for the belly to grow. Maternity clothing is designed to be longer to fit over the tummy for a full 9 month growth and it is
designed to accent your tummy so you will look  pregnant and not, um, bigger. Regular fit baby doll tops and tunics look like a great
alternative but they just don't have the coverage or room needed for that baby's belly.  The regular fit top will work for a few months and then
it won't, buying an item that looks amazing from beginning to end is a much better use of a clothing budget than bits and pieces of things
that you grow out of way too quickly.  When you're shopping for maternity clothing, think of women you've seen who are wearing regular clothing,
does it look like it fits, does it look appropriate, would you where that outfit? The answers to those questions will help you in your search.

What size should I buy?  Maternity clothing is typically designed for a 25 to 30 pound weight gain, so generally you should buy
your pre-pregnancy size.  With that said keep in mind that if you have a quick weight gain in the beginning your pregnancy then your size has probably changed.  We recommend you read each description carefully, if special sizing consideration is warranted it will be stated..

When should I buy?   Purchasing maternity clothes can be a tricky prospect sometimes.  You don't want to buy too early
but you also don't want to wait too long and not get enough wear out of your wardrobe.  The great thing about the new styles
that have been designed is they  fit great early in the pregnancy and really have a lot of stretch and room for growth, especially
the bottoms.  Low rise jeans and pants are a godsend.  Oh yeah, back to the point, start out slowly, when you get uncomfortable, get your staples: a good pair of jeans, black and/or khaki pants, and a few tops to mix and match.  Then as you as you progress you can gauge your body changes a little better and shop accordingly.  Try not to wait too long, if your pants are fitting tight your just increasing your discomfort from morning sickness and bloating.  By getting a great pair of jeans, you'll breathe better, feel and look better.

When will I get my order?  Your order will be filled and shipped within 24 hours of ordering (or on Monday if ordered on
the weekend). Most items are shipped via USPS and generally take 2-3 days to arrive (this is not guaranteed). Every effort is made to keep the web store stock updated but some items may sell out at the same time an order is placed.  You will be contacted with a new shipment date and have the option of continuing with the order or you may cancel the order and your credit card will be refunded immediately.

How do I pay?  Our invoicing system is encrypted and sent across secure servers and emailed to us in an encrypted format,
so it can only be read after being decrypted and your sale is processed in our brick and morter site.

How much is shipping?      

Priority Shipping fees are as follows:
0-$50 ships for $6.50
$50-$75 ships for $7.50
$76-100 ships for $8.50
$100-$200 ships for $9.50
over $200 ships for $10.50 for the continental US. 
Single order of Bra Discs & Bella bands ship  for $5.00
Shipping fees can not be refunded.

Express Shipping fees are as follows:
0-$50 ships for $25.00
$50-$100 ships for $30.00
$100-$200 ships for $40.00
$200-$300 ships for $50.00
$300 and over ships for $60

the continental US only
Shipping fees can not be refunded.

There will be a 25% restocking fee for any shipment that is refused.

International Shipping
We ship USPS Global Priority Mail. The buyer is responsible for all duties and taxes that your country imposes on the product.
If the item is refused the customer will be charged the shipping fees, duty fees and return shipping fees.

0-$35 ships for $20
$36 - $100 ships for $29
$101 - $200 ships for $35
over $200 is $45
Shipping time is approximately 7-10 business days.

Diaper bags may incur additional shipping charges, you will be notified prior to shipment if this is the case.

Due to the increase in shipping fees all other international countries will have a base price as follows:

0-$100 ships for $29
$101- $200 ships for $39
over $200 ships for $49
There may, however, be an additional cost for certain areas. You will be emailed prior to shipment to confirm this extra cost.
Shipping time is approximately 10 to 14 business days.

Diaper bags may incur additional shipping charges, you will be notified prior to shipment if this is the case.

Orders shipped outside the USA are final.

When do I buy my nursing bra?  If the only intent for the bra is nursing then wait until 36 weeks to be measured and purchase
at least one, three is recommended (one on, one in the wash, and one in the drawer).  At this point your rib has generally reached its maximum circumference and breast growth has slowed if not stopped.  You will add about a full cup size when your milk comes in and your rib cage has probably changed 2 to 4 inches since before pregnancy so it is very important to be measured.  No guessing.  If however you are needing a bra because you have grown out of all of your pre-pregnancy bras, the Bravado Bra is for you.  It will allow 2 cup sizes and 3 rib sizes of growth.  Many women can wear the second half of pregnancy right into nursing. 
Email or call if you have any questions on the Bravado Bra.

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