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I Dream of Mai Tais Labor & Delivery Gown
by Pretty Pushers

Yes, that tiny person growing in your tummy is totally worth giving up the drink but every once in a while you might have a craving and dream of the day you are allowed to imbibe again. This super cute and super functional labor and delivery gown is the perfect way to express yourself without guilt (much).

This labor gown is designed to be disposable thus environmentally friendly. The 100% cotton fabric is absolutely amazing and a million times better than the paper gown you'll be handed at triage. The ties are strategically placed so that fetal monitors and iv cords. The back is low for epidural placement without being to revealing (but let's face it childbirth is revealing. This gown is not suited for nursing due to the ties that are featured on the front of the gown.

100% amazing cotton

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