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I Dream of Sushi Labor & Delivery Gown
by Pretty Pushers

I know more women disappointed by the notion of not having sushi for 9 months than any other aspect of pregnancy. Waiting for that little one to come into the world is absolutely paramount, but whoa they can't wait for that tuna roll.

This labor gown is designed to be disposable thus environmentally friendly. The 100% cotton fabric is absolutely amazing and a million times better than the paper gown you'll be handed at triage. The ties are strategically placed so that fetal monitors and iv cords. The back is low for epidural placement without being to revealing (but let's face it childbirth is revealing. This gown is not suited for nursing due to the ties that are featured on the front of the gown.

100% amazing cotton

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Customer Comments:

I was so impressed with this super cute and soft gown. ITs suppose to be a one use throw away but I am TOTALLY gonna use this ALOT. Most likely going to buy the other gown also. Got to my house really fast too. I am a smaller person bout 5 ft and about hundred pounds even preg im tiny. But it fits PERFECT. Plus i still have comfortable room. I like how you can just pull it over and slip in and not have to worry about tying the top. The strings tie tightly so that when i will be walkin' in the hospital halls with my baby after my c-section it will totally be in style. :) Dont waist your money on expensive gowns this is THE ONE!!! BUY THIS ONE!  11/20/2010

This was the best splurge item I purchased during my entire pregnancy. I loved wearing it during labor/delivery. The ties in the stomach area were large enough to allow for the contraction monitor as well as the fetal heart beat monitor belt as well. The back area is low enough for the epidural. The halter top can be pulled down to allow for breastfeeding or kangaroo care with your newborn on your chest. Or you can pull the top to the side to breastfeed as well. The gown is made of t-shirt cotton knit and is very comfortable. I received many compliments on it from the nurses at the hospital!  09/28/2010

This was much softer then I thought it was going to be. It fits perfect and feels great - I was afraid since I'm 5'8" with a long torso that it might be too short, but it isn't. For some reason I thought it was black and pink from the picture, but it is actually a navy blue and pink - still cute. The picture also made me believe it might be a little scratchy and thin, but its soooo not! Very soft, plush and cozy. I'm very excited to have this, hopefully it will make the labor process a little easier without those awful hospital gowns.  07/25/2010

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